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Types of Common Body Changes Women Experience After Giving Birth

There are many women who wonders how their body will look after giving birth. In this article, you will be able to view here some of the examples on the common changes which women may experience.

Hair Loss Changes

A few week after delivering a baby, you may start losing some amounts of hair. An average person tends to lose about 100 hairs a day, but it will actually be less during pregnancy simply because of the raging hormones. After the pregnancy is over, your body then will need to compensate and then lose extra hair during the first six months after delivering the baby. Theres nothing to worry though because your hair will later on return to normal again.

Have Skin Discoloration

There are also some women who end sup developing the mask of pregnancy. This actually is the tan-colored area around your eyes which will start to fade. Some women also ends up experiencing a red rash around their mouth as well as on their chin and some suffers with very dry skin as well. Theres no need to worry though because such conditions only lasts for weeks.

Breast Changes

Most women will get a swollen, flushed, sore and engorged with milk for about a day or two after giving birth. After that, the swelling process will go down and the next days later on, your breasts will start to sag as a result of your stretched breast skin. You may likewise experience milk leakages for weeks.

Stomach Change

After you have given birth, the uterus is still going to be hard and round and it can in fact be felt through simply touching the naval. After six weeks, it will weigh for about 2 ounces and you will not feel it when pressing your abdomen. The brown line that you noticed down the center of the lower abdomen will likewise disappear.

Experiencing Back Pains

Due to the fact that its going to take some time to regain the strength of your stretched abdomen muscles, your body will be putting some extra weight on your back muscles. This will then lead to back aches until you will have your abdominal muscles strengthened again. You may however see a chiropractor.


If ever you have experienced being constipated during pregnancy, you probably still have a problem with it after you give birth. But having a diet thats high in fiber and drinking plenty of water, juices or milk will help in easing the pain.

Have Sweating Problems

Some will also start experiencing excessive sweating at the night after giving birth. The reason for this is because the body will need to remove some extra fluids that were accumulated during the time of pregnancy.

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