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Important Information on how to Avoid Road Accidents

Very many people have been maimed and many lives have been lost on the roads due to traffic or car accidents. Research indicates that a very large portion of road accidents can be blamed on human negligence. If you are interested in more about this topic, read on. This is a clear indicator that many road accidents can be evaded by adopting good driving practices and courtesy. This article will provide tips on how to avoid road accidents.

Notably, drivers distraction is pointed out as the greatest cause of human error accidents. Drivers are distracted by the passengers on board, handheld devices, removing their eyes on the road or when they reach out for an item in the vehicle. Some drivers want to multi-task whilst driving. There are those who are fond of answering calls or sending messages while driving.

What they are oblivious of is that these vehicles are covering great distances within a very short period of time. A case in point is that within seconds a vehicle that was moving at one hundred miles an hour could cover several miles. In a matter of seconds, a distracted driver will collide with another vehicle on the road. To avoid this careless accidents and incidents, a driver should be concerned more about jeopardizing the safety of passengers and other road users. If a driver feels it is important to attend to any other matter while driving, they should pull the car over first.

A motorist should avoid at all cost driving when impaired. This means that they should not drive while they are under the influence of alcohol, drug or medication. They should also avoid driving when they are exhausted and sleepy. The response time of an impaired driver is very slow compared to one who is alert. Such a driver cannot steer the vehicle or control of the accelerator and brake pedals. Such driver will in no time cause an accident. Collisions tell more about the condition of the vehicle and its driver.

A good driver or car owner takes his or her vehicle for service and regular maintenance. A vehicle’s oil should be changed at the stipulated time or at the advice of a qualified mechanic. Any malfunction of the vehicle should be referred to the professionals for maintenance and repair. The concern of a professional mechanic is more about exceptional service delivery as this will keep customers coming back. The mechanic will be able to examine the motor vehicle and diagnose the problem. When a problem is dealt with in good time it prevents breakdowns and accidents. If you take a faulty brake pad as an example, it can jeopardize the safety of the occupants of this particular vehicle as well as other motorists.

It is good driving practice for drivers to handle the steering wheel with both hands. This is vital because, in case of an emergency, a motorist who has both hands on the steering wheel will maneuver the vehicle. The breaks of the vehicle often fail because of poor maintenance. If a driver has got good control of the steering wheel, he or she will be able to steer the vehicle to safety. Go online to study more about road safety.

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